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SM 405SX Students in Selected Student Journey Who Successfully Completed Semester Unit Thresholds in the Selected Year at Any College (SM 454SX Wrapper Metric)
Among students in selected student journey, the proportion who successfully completed degree-applicable semester unit thresholds in the selected year at any college.
Student Type
Degree/Transfer, Undecided/Other, All
Data Source
Chancellor's Office Management Information System
Selection Criteria
Students who met all of the following criteria: * Successfully completed degree-applicable credit courses at any college [CB04 IN (D) AND First character of SX04 IN (A, B, C, P)] * In the selected year at any college AND WHERE GI03 is within the selected year * Convert quarter units to semester units for units earned at quarter schools AND Multiply SUM (SX03) for quarter units by 0.667 to equate to semester units * Eliminate 8888 and 9999 values at the course level AND SX03 < 50 * Group into semester unit thresholds AND SUM (SX03) by 0, 0.1-5.9, 6-8.9, 9-11.9, 12-14.9, 15-19.9, 20-23.9, 24-29.9, 30+
* SM 102 Degree/Transfer Students for SM 405SZ * SM 121 Undecided/Other Students for SM 405SU * SM 122 All Students for SM 405SW
Value Type
Percentage and unduplicated count of students
* For display on the dashboard, only semester unit buckets will be displayed at the Statewide, Macroregion, and Microregion levels. At the college district and the college level, data displayed will be either SM 405SX for colleges and/or districts on semesters and SM 445SX for colleges and/or districts on quarters. * Includes enrollments at all community colleges for each student * Incomplete grades are included in Course Success and Completed Transfer Level Math and English in the District in the First Year, but are not included in Earned Nine or More Career Education Units Within the District in a Single Year, Successfully Completed Unit Thresholds in Fall Term, Successfully Completed Unit Thresholds in the Selected Year, and Average Number of Units Accumulated by Associate Degree Earners, due to how the underlying data elements are constructed. * Per the MIS DED for SX03, by eliminating 8888 and 9999 values for SX03, the following sections are excluded: o Any noncredit section where CB04 = N o Any credit section where CB04 is in (C,D) and where SX04 is reported as "UG", "UD", "W", "MW", "DR" or "SP" o Any credit section where CB04 is in (C,D) and where SX04 is reported as "I*", "IP", and "RD" * For display on the dashboard each threshold has a unique ID associated with it: o SM_405SW_1 0 units o SM_405SW_2 0.1-5.9 units o SM_405SW_8 6-8.9 units o SM_405SW_9 9-11.9 units o SM_405SW_3 12-14.9 units o SM_405SW_4 15-19.9 units o SM_405SW_5 20-23.9 units o SM_405SW_6 24-29.9 units o SM_405SW_7 30+ units
Political Context
Collection Guidance
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