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SM 503SX Students in Selected Student Journey Who Completed Transfer-Level English Within the District in the First Year (SM 504SX Wrapper Metric)
Among students in selected student journey, the proportion who completed transfer-level English in their first academic year of credit enrollment within the district.
Student Type
Degree/Transfer, Undecided/Other, All
Data Source
Chancellor's Office Management Information System
Selection Criteria
Students who met all of the following criteria: * Had an enrollment in an English course in the district CB03 IN (1501.00, 1520.00) * AND that was a transfer level course AND SXD2 = T * AND earned a passing grade AND [First character of SX04 IN (A, B, C, P) OR First two characters of SX04 IN (IA, IB, IC) OR First three characters of SX04 IN (IPP)]
Value Type
Percentage and unduplicated count of students
* Incomplete grades are included in Course Success and Completed Transfer Level Math and English in the District in the First Year, but are not included in Earned Nine or More Career Education Units Within the District in a Single Year, Successfully Completed Unit Thresholds in Fall Term, Successfully Completed Unit Thresholds in the Selected Year, and Average Number of Units Accumulated by Associate Degree Earners, due to how the underlying data elements are constructed. * Includes completion of the transfer level English courses in the same district only * Courses outside of English Taxonomy of Program (TOP) codes are not included in this metric * CB25 COURSE-GENERAL-EDUCATION-STATUS has been added in summer 2019 to account for courses that are not listed on the TOP codes indicated in the Selection Criteria above but that fulfill general education requirements for English composition in the context of transfer, degree, and certificate program.
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